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Weekly Recap #5


The recap covers the period from Feb. 20 to Feb. 27.
Last week, I made the decision to write my recaps in English after reading @strrl's latest post.
Writing in English offers me several benefits, such as reinforcing my vocabulary. I try to memorize new words every day and need a place to use them after reading.
It also helps me build my instincts. I try to think in English throughout the day to improve my language skills. The more I practice, the better I become.
Additionally, writing in English helps me stay calm. My girlfriend often reviews my writing for the recap, which can make me nervous, as if someone is trying to pair program with me. Since I need to concentrate on my work in peace, writing in English keeps me from feeling distracted.
Initially, I tried using the grammarly-languageserver in my neovim dotfile, but it failed for unknown reasons.
So, I ended up using nvim-cmp and cmp-dictionary to help me spell words correctly and embellish my sentences with Grammarly online.
I plan to figure out why the LSP does not work or explore other alternatives, such as using GPL combined with writing, when I have some spare time.
Speaking of embellishment, I tested the translation skills in native English using DeepL, Grammarly, and ChatGPT. The result indicates that ChatGPT is the most comprehensive and accurate tool!
We moved into a new house this week.
We spent almost three days tidying the rooms and moving our luggage.
Now, we are getting closer to our workspaces.
I have a temporary study room, which is well-lit with plenty of natural light.
I didn't have much time for technical work this week due to the house move.
The IPv6 support for nerdctl is stuck due to a lack of infrastructure support on the CI test runners.
Manjusaka proposed a solution that suggests using Azure Pipeline for IPv6 testing.
The nerdctl maintainers discussed this proposal on the private slack channel on CNCF.
@Akihiro gave advice that we can use the infrastructure provided by CNCF.
I realized that I'm part of an organization with powerful resources and support.
I continued working slowly on my Project 1 homework for the CMU 15-445 course.
I tried the Hyprland XWayland Repair solution, but the results were not ideal, as the text-input rendering is still blurry.
My network router is broken, and I'm waiting to find time to fix it.

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